Product Review: Yaqui Slide Holster

This simple inexpensive design that allows for a wide range of pistols in a single holster

The Yaqui Slide is an “old school” design that defines simplicity. Look up the term “simplicity” in the Shooters-Dictionary-O-Life, and there’s going to be a picture of the Yaqui Slide holster or some version of it! As with our modern society, people often associate new with better. Experienced shooters know well that this is not necessarily the case. My guess is, there people out there young enough who have never even seen one, ‘cause it’s not made from some wonder polymer used to keep the Space Shuttle together!’

In my view, the Yaqui Slide Holster — due in large part to its simplicity — offers options few other holsters can. Further, it can save loads of money for those who either can’t — or don’t wish to — spend a car payment on a holster.

As with any design, the Yaqui Slide has it’s strengths and its weaknesses, some of which I cover in the video below. For those in need of active retention from their holsters, this is not the holster for you. One, maybe two, holsters can hold most of the pistols on the market, and do that for well under a hundred dollars. That’s what you get from the Yaqui Slide Holster style holsters, and in this current economy, this simple inexpensive design that allows for a wide range of pistols in a single holster, a welcomed product in my view.

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