Facebook Forum: Top 10 police products

You told us why you can’t – or wouldn’t want to – live without these products

By PoliceOne Staff

We recently asked our Facebook fans for help compiling a list of what you think are the top law enforcement products out there. We received a ton of great responses, highlighting a wide range of different police products - from flashlights to TASERS to...brains (which don't technically count).

Here is a selection of some of the responses we received. If you've got any additional suggestions, please leave them in the Comments section below.

1. "A friend of mine keeps a bottle of Folex in his car to clean up all types of spatters on his uniform and upholstery before the offending substance does irreparable damage" – Raymond Heath

2. "Glock 22. Goes bang every time." – Adam Basford

3. "Safariland Drop-Down holster. It keeps some of the weight off my hips, frees up room on my duty belt, and keeps a bulky coat from interfering with my draw in really cold weather. If I get "that feeling", the threat rarely notices that my hand is on my gun, it just looks like I'm standing with my arm to my side." – Shawn Hershberger

4. "My Uncle Mike's Duty Suspenders. These are a God send and my back and hips don’t hurt after a 12 hour shift." – Chris Moore

5. "Hands down, it’s the X-26. It works great on the idiots that won't shut their yappers." – Alex Niese

6. "Our department's installation of the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) in the early 90's increased not only our efficiency, but officer safety in the immediate notification of warrants, stolen vehicles, ID verification, etc. Of course, as computer and broadband technology continues to evolve, we'll continue to evolve with it." – Thomas Bray

7. "Cross Pen. The pen is mightier than the sword." – Jay Freeman

8. "Without a doubt, my Streamlight Stinger DS with rear pressure switch, three levels of output and strobe feature. I could light up a burglar on the dark side of the moon if I needed to." – Nick White

9. "I can't live without my cargo pockets." – Greg Churchill

10. "The Barska Blackhawk 100 mm spotting scope. I can spot a group using drugs on the other side of the lake, 3/4 of a mile away, and still read the brand of tennis shoes they have on." – Derek Dorsey


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