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Product Review: Milt Sparks 60TK holsters

Few things are more individual than holsters, and only those who have had to carry side arms for a long time know that

The Milt Sparks 60TK holster is, like all Milt Sparks holsters, extremely well-made and designed. This holster is also a perfect example in my mind why those who carry a fire arms for work or personal protection, or other reasons, own the “box ‘o holsters.” That box full of holsters most of us own as we went through holsters (and belts, but that’s another topic...) finding those holsters that work for us as individuals. Few things are more individual than holsters, and only those who have had to carry side arms for a long time know that. It’s amazing how one holster can be the favorite of one person, and hated by another! For example, I don’t “do” IWB holsters, yet many use them and love ‘em. Me, I’ll do just about anything to avoid having a gun stuck down my pants all day, but I digress...

My personal ‘box O holsters’ is a telling journey into finding what works for me and what does not. The Milt Sparks 60TK is going to be such a holster that does not work for me personally. Due to my size and shape (short and stumpy) this holster simply does not fit me well.

However, to give them credit where it’s due, the website is very clear on this holster that “because of its extreme high ride design, the #60TK is not suitable for all weapons.” Recently updated, this holster has “a full-length molded in front sight track guides your sight through the holster during the draw. Metal reinforcement stabilizes the mouth of the holster to keep it firm after the break-in period.”

I used a commander length 1911 for the holster. As mentioned in the video below, for the some body types — and I suspect taller and thinner types will love this holster — it’s going to be a winner. For me however, it does not work. That’s not the fault of the holster per se, but of my particular bodyshape and needs, which brings me back to my original point; best to try out holsters in person if you can as it will help you prevent, or at least reduce the size of, your own “box ‘o holsters.”

Conclusion for me is, The Mil Sparks 60TK is a very fine and beautifully made holster (and we expect nothing less from Milt Sparks!) but it’s not for everyone. But then, no holster is...

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