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One of the many beauties of JM Custom Kydex is the superb level of customer service provided by Tony Mayer

Having spent the last 16 years in law enforcement, I’ve carried a concealable firearm in almost every conceivable fashion. I have the box of gear in the garage to prove it. The only recent change is that I’ve added to that box considerably, moving a variety of brand name holsters out of my wife’s reach (yes, including my ‘90s-era fanny pack). Since discovering Tony Mayer, and his custom handiwork at JM Custom Kydex, I can without a twinge of ‘guilty conscience’ assure my wife I’ve extinguished my need for new holsters.

The motto of JM Custom Kydex — “What Gun?” — serves double duty as both a slogan and an analogy. The company makes a holster for every occasion, purpose, and nearly every color. One of the many beauties of JM Custom Kydex is the superb level of customer service provided by Tony. I began carrying his products in March of this year, placing my first order after meeting him in a firearms course I was teaching. Within seven days of making my selection, the holster was delivered to my doorstep. No small feat for a custom-made product, manufactured by one man. I was pleasantly surprised to find a matching single magazine pouch included. A little research on my part revealed these are included in the cost of the holster.

A complete list of available designs can be found on the company website. Suffice it say, products are available for the most popular models of Glock, Sig-Sauer, Springfield and Ruger to name a few. Using a variety of thicknesses based on the customer’s needs, these kydex holsters provide little to no print due in large part to the contour shape design. This provides an extremely comfortable, yet snug and ultra-concealable ride on the wearer’s body. In my experience, outside the waistband kydex holsters are best suited for plain clothes, overt assignments such as Instructors, Detectives and Rangemasters. JM Custom Kydex debunks this long held opinion, and fills the void for a universal product. In my current assignment, I instruct In-Service level law enforcement personnel 40 hours a week. Traditionally, I used one holster for this purpose and one, if not two others, for times spent off-duty. The utilitarian nature of Mr. Mayer’s product alleviates this need. These holsters truly are designed to be used in any situation.

Holsters can be ordered in a straight drop, recommended if you carry in the 2-3 o’clock position, or 10 degree cant if you carry at 3-4 o’clock position. (Image courtesy of JM Custom Kydex)
Holsters can be ordered in a straight drop, recommended if you carry in the 2-3 o’clock position, or 10 degree cant if you carry at 3-4 o’clock position. (Image courtesy of JM Custom Kydex)

The models I currently use are:

Outside the Waistband – Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 26
Inside the Waistband – Glock 19
Outside the Waistband – Glock 17 with attached light

Added features of JM Custom are reinforced belt loops, optional sweat guard, height, and your choice of cant or straight drop. The opinion and critical evaluation of peers and co-workers is always of the upmost importance to me. Having no fiduciary relationship with Tony or his products, I do wear his gear on a daily basis whether working, running errands, or having a rare evening out with family.

‘Hey, where’d you get that?’ I’ve sent multiple fellow officers to Tony’s webpage, all of whom have made a holster choice. I have made it a point to follow up with each of them. It comes as no surprise that all have commented positively, and most agree; they wish they’d found it sooner. It would have no doubt saved them money on other holsters.

Latest Additions
JM Custom Kydex once again recently responded to customer requests and began designing IWB and weapon mounted light holsters. Naturally, I picked up one of each.

Clearly, ‘need’, does not equal ‘want.’

I could easily pick one that meets all purposes; however, this is how I’ve chosen to make my fashion statement. The evening my inside the waistband Glock 19 holster arrived, I decided to test its worthiness by taking the family to dinner. I experienced no discomfort issues walking, driving or sitting in a booth. Testing ease of access, concealability, draw stroke, and retention, I found no issues related to gear that would inhibit my ability to defend myself or my loved ones.

JM Custom Kydex is well on its way to becoming an industry leader in concealable holsters and magazine pouches. Don’t simply take my word for it. Place one on your Christmas list, assure your spouse this is the ‘last one,’ and donate your box of ‘other’ gear. You won’t need it anymore.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be safe brothers and sisters.

About the author

Ken Hardesty served seven years in the U.S. Marine Corps before deciding to pursue a career in law enforcement. He has served continuously for fourteen years in large California agencies. His assignments include Detention, Patrol, Field Training Officer, Specialist Officer, Academy Recruit Training Officer, Basic Academy Coordinator and In-Service Training Officer. Ken is California POST certified to teach Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Chemical Agents, First Aid/CPR and Patrol Response to Active Shooter. Additional certifications include, National Rifle Association Tactical Shooting Instructor, Surefire Low Light Instructor and PepperBall Instructor. He is a court-certified expert in Illegal Weapons, and serves as a subject matter expert for the State of California in the areas of Firearms and Chemical Agents. Ken teaches Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings for the Department of Homeland Security as well as Leadership and Firearms/Chemical Agents Program Evaluation for the California Commission on POST. Ken is Charter Member and on the Board of Advisors for NLEFIA. Ken enjoys spending time with family and is the proud father of two.

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