Safety information — Holsters

By PoliceOne staff

Loaded Firearms
Carrying a firearm with a live cartridge in the chamber could result in an accidental discharge. Certain single-action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols should only be carries with the hammer or firing pin resting on an empty chamber. You are responsible for exercising extreme caution when handling or carrying any handgun, and must always assume that the gun is loaded.

Cocked Hammers
Firearms should be uncocked while they are in the holster. Attempting to cock a firearm while it is in the holster could result in an accidental discharge.

The responsibility of carrying a firearm demands constant attention and awareness. No holster can be manufactured to be completely "take-away proof." You are responsible for always being extremely cautious during any situation where another individual may attempt to take away your handgun, and to strictly adhere to any procedures in which you have been trained.

Regardless of your holster''s retention capabilities, always hold your gun in place by hand during vigorous physical activity to avoid the gun falling from the holster. For maximum safety, use holster retainer straps when provided. If your holster becomes ill-fitting, worn, loose or defective, cease use immediately.

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