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New holster series protects gun, creates smooth withdraw

By PoliceOne Staff

ONTARIO, Calif. — A new hostler series has been released that's said to to be virtually impervious to scratching, extreme weather, water, and damage.

Safariland’s line of Duty Gear 7TS injection-molded holsters can tolerate temperatures ranging from -50 F to at least 300 F, according to their press release.

Duty Gear 7TS injection-molded holster (Photo courtesy Safariland LLC)
Duty Gear 7TS injection-molded holster (Photo courtesy Safariland LLC)

“This new series continues to push the boundaries of holster design and function,” said Category Director of Safariland James Dawson. “After numerous extreme condition tests and intense impact testing, the Safariland Research and Development team was able to draw from the holster smoothly and easily as if it had just been removed from its packaging.”

The nylon-blend material ensures strength by incorporating patterns within the holster’s interior and ‘risers’ that avoid contact between the weapon and damaging materials like dirt and moisture.

Safariland said that the material makes the holster stronger in water, and will maintain shape and function, even when submerged in water indefinitely.

The models are currently offered in two fits for the Beretta 92 and Glock 17/22, and additional fits and models will be available in the future.

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