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Stallion Leather Announces Their New American Warrior™ Duty Nylon Gear Line

RRB Systems Stallion Leather internationally recognized for their meticulous craftsmanship and intelligently designed duty leather gear has expanded and is proud to introduce their new American Warrior™ duty nylon gear line (patent pending).

American Warrior™ duty nylon is manufactured using Stallion Leather's unique "corner stitch" process. This unique process eliminates stitching seams which are among the most common areas where duty gear becomes ripped, torn, or frayed. In addition to preventing damage, the American Warrior™ duty nylon's seamless design also allows officers to perfectly align gear on their belt to help free up space!

The interior of American Warrior™ duty nylon is constructed with 3/16th inch closed link cell technology to maintain the gear's rigidness and form. The exterior is constructed with military specification MIL-W-4088K Type 1A Class 1A black nylon webbing and the same tri-laminate ballistic nylon used by Bianchi International to manufacture Accu-Mold®, this allows American Warrior™ duty nylon to be seamlessly integrated into an officer's existing duty rig.

To continue to provide world class quality that exceeds customer expectations all of Stallion Leather's duty gear is exclusively manufactured in the U.S (GSA# GS-07F-0352J). For complete American Warrior™ duty nylon and traditional duty leather solutions, please visit www.stallionleather.com.

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