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Improved 2 ¼"Sam Browne Duty Belt from Gould & Goodrich

Gould & Goodrich supplies over 100,000 "E-Z Slide" Duty Belts to French National Police

Gould & Goodrich has been awarded a bid to provide the French National Police with more than 100,000 "E-Z Slide" Duty Belts. The French National Police were overwhelmed with the quality and convenience of the belt's buckle system.

The "E-Z Slide" belt is the best thing to happen to duty belts, EVER! In just two seconds, you can remove the buckle or adjust the belt's size with a simple "PUSH, PULL and POPTM" motion. You do not need to bend the belt tip to push it thru the buckle, so you prolong the life and professional look of your duty belt.

The "E-Z Slide" patented buckle system has a stainless steel buckle that resists scratches, nicks and dents, and never needs polishing. The belt's outward appearance is identical to a standard duty belt, so your agency can switch to the "E-Z Slide" belt system in stages and retain a consistent appearance among officers during the transition. Best of all, you'll pay no more for the "E-Z Slide" belt than for a standard duty belt.

To receive a free catalog of products in leather, nylon and synthetics, write to Gould & Goodrich, 709 E. McNeil Street, Lillington, North Carolina, 27546, USA. CALL 910.893.2071 or 1.800.277.0732. FAX 910.893.4742. E-MAIL info@gouldusa.com. WEB www.gouldusa.com.

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