Basic, Not Boring: The DeSantis E-Gat Slide Belt Holster

Basic training. Basic English. Basic instruction.

“Basic” basically gets a bad rap. It brings to mind the pick-up with no Bluetooth or a/c (a “strip-ee” as it’s know in the auto trade), or that cheap knockoff smartphone that melts down the first time you try to tweet photographic proof you really ARE at a playoff game and not just humblebragging. Basic -so we’re told- is just a big bowl of “Been there, done that.”

But in the world of DeSantis Holsters, basic means something else entirely. Basic is Old School Cool. It’s showing up to the party in basic black and setting off the “envy alert” for all present. Basic equals smart and savvy. It’s what the Swedes call “lagom”: not too much, not too little –juuuust right. So, in the DeSantis universe, the concept of basic is basically awesome.

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ake their E-Gat Slide belt holster. The E-Gat is a simple neutral cant concealment holster that gives you big DeSantis performance for a lot less cash. Make no mistake: the E-Gat Slide is inexpensive, but it is not “cheap”. You see, DeSantis has been in the holster trade almost 40 years now. By creating some super smart tweaks in the production process, they create cost efficiencies. Then they pass the savings swag on to you! Not only that, but they’ve lowered the bottom line on the E-Gat without compromising the kind of performance that’s made DeSantis the go-to holster for elite law enforcement agencies all over the world.

So when DeSantis talks “basic”, what they mean is, getting back to basics. They’re talking about a concealed holster free of the fancy stuff that can obfuscate the real reason you need a quality holster to begin with. You want fast, reliable draws? Check. How about a product that holds up longer than that refurbished laptop you bought on Ebay? No problem! The E-Gat Slide is crafted with top grain leather – just like all DeSantis’ leather holsters. Not only are you going to save some coin with the E-Gat Slide, you’re likely to have this OWB holster at your hip for a long, long time.

No need to have a holster purchase make you sweat the outlay of cash. You can grab an E-Gat Slide and STILL sneak the occasional Starbucks Dolce de Leche (even though your significant-other told you to knock that off months ago!).

The DeSantis E-Gat Slide: proof positive that when it comes to holsters, less is more and basic doesn’t have to be boring

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