GideonTactical set to partner with WARFYTR, features new Liberty Holster

GideonTactical is excited to partner with WARFYTR – a small group of combat vets, product designers, and manufacturers who specialize in forward-thinking, proprietary solutions – to offer new, high-quality, open- and concealed-carry options. With nearly 25 years of government, military, and law enforcement experience, WARFYTR strives to create meticulously designed products that offer all-day comfort, maximum convenience, and reliable, quick use when needed. It is this extreme attention to detail that has allowed WARFYTR to quietly become a well-respected, industry leader in producing personal gear to keep you one step ahead.

Among its varied, innovative product offerings is the most versatile concealed-carry holster on the market today: the new Liberty Holster. It features a unique, ambidextrous design that allows the wearer many carrying options, and it can be securely latched onto backpacks, pockets, purses, and more, all thanks to its patent-pending Fabriclip™. Intricately designed to stand out among other steel or metal clips, the Fabriclip™ won't damage car seats, furniture, or clothing.

"The company has been great to work with, and the Liberty Holster is solid, featuring some truly innovative holster-attachment systems that allow us to address a variety of clothing-related, concealed-carry options," said GideonTactical Merchandising Specialist Mac Brostrom.

Liberty Holster. (Photo courtesy of GideonTactical)
Liberty Holster. (Photo courtesy of GideonTactical)

The Liberty Holster works with any belt size or no belt at all. Holsters may be set at any carrying angles and simply locked into place to secure. Both the holster tension and clip tension are fully adjustable. It can easily accommodate a wide variety of gun brands, including Glock, Smith and Wesson, and Sig-Sauer, among many others, thanks to an innovative, 3D laser-scanning process that creates a vacuum-formed mold, which guarantees a precise fit to 1/100 of an inch.

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About GideonTactical and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.:
Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. assembled GideonTactical to serve the specialized equipment and supply needs of both tactical operators and shooting enthusiasts. "GideonTactical is committed to serving the needs of operators and shooters who require more specialized gear," said Jim Witmer, CEO and chairman of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. "We have experienced increasing demand for more specialized products involved in special tactical operations and in use within the shooting sport world as well. Today, GideonTactical is positioned to meet those demands."

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