Product Review: Benchmade 522 SBK is a winner for everyday patrol use

The drop point and hollow grind of the 522 SBK blade makes it one of the most versatile patrol knives for everyday use

I have a Benchmade BM710 with the Combo Edge. I got it shortly after it debuted and carried it for more than half of my military and law enforcement career. With it, I’ve cut everything from cable to cake.

I prefer the AXIS Lock mechanism because it exerts very little pressure on the blade when the knife is closed. Every AXIS Lock knife I have seen opens smoothly and locks positively. I have experimented several times with this lock on several models. I use the same methods that some companies use to promote their product. I have never caused an AXIS lock knife to fail in tests or on duty.

The 522 SBK is like my 710, which has a combo edge and a BT2 coated blade. The 522 has a drop point and uses 440C steel. Its handle texture makes it a little more glove friendly and I found that I could easily flip it open with the thumb stud and use it for almost any patrol cutting chore. The steel is 440, but this is not your grand dad’s 440. Use the M-Sharp for this one. This steel is extremely hard, durable, and stain resistant.

The drop point and hollow grind of the 522 SBK blade makes it one of the most versatile patrol knives for everyday use. While a drop point is generally used for a hunting knife, it allows for a lot of reinforcing spine for strength while still exposing a healthy amount of belly for a more usable cutting edge.

About the author

Lindsey Bertomen is a retired police officer and retired military small arms trainer. He teaches criminal justice at Hartnell College in Salinas, California. He has a BS in Criminal Justice and an MS in Online Teaching and Learning. Lindsey has taught shooting techniques for over a decade. His articles on firearms tactics have appeared in print for over a decade. Lindsey enjoys competing in shooting sports, running, and cycling events.

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