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The latest feedback from ALTAMA customers:

An Airman in the USAF
I've been faithfully wearing your jungle boots, whether at home station (Altama item # 4155) or deployed in support of 21 years of conflict (Altama item # 4156). Your boots are second-to-none.

Thanks again for an outstanding product! I have stood in your boots in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the mountains of Afghanistan, the rural cities of South Korea and everywhere in-between to include my current assignment on the Island of Oahu and wouldn't think of buying any other boot.

Jon Zieten, Cape Coral, FL
I've got to say you guys are fast and
VERY good with your customer service. Best ever!
I'm really happy with the boots the service EVERYTHING. You guys are great!

Jackie M. Thomas
ALTAMA Boots were the only boots I wore during my 6 years in the Military! Can't beat the Comfort! I have had a pair of your jungle boots for 9 years and they are still just as comfortable as the day I bought them! I have literally worn the soles out! I will be shopping for a new pair shortly! They make an awesome warm season hunting boot!

Paul Cuccinello
You are most kind and thanks to all at Altama. Your excellent customer service and prompt attention to my request is a sign of true professionalism. I have worn your boots over many years including Jungle, Desert and Combat. I'll continue to support the Altama brand as I am truly impressed by the consideration you've shown me.

Nate Piatt, TX
Thank you very much for your ongoing customer service. It is exceptional. I will continue to be your customer for years to come.

David Mason
I have had many boots over the years but yours are by far the best ever!Recently I had an opportunity to join a multi agency task force. We humped up and down steep hillsides, through loose rock, dust, brush, etc for 12 hours. At the end of the day, I was the only one not complaining about my feet, thanks to my 4157's. No blisters, no sore spots, no pebbles inside; just comfortable feet. Thank you for making a superior Boot.

Jon Purdy
I'm amazed at the level of commitment you folks have to customer service. Thank you for your assistance and prompt, helpful service. If these boots ever break down (It's been about 10 years now) you'll be choice #1.

LT Adams
I would just like to send a huge thanks for making such wonderful boots. I have had problems for years with the different boots I've worn, many times to the point that I was not even able to put on shoes for days. About a year ago I bought my first pair of Altama boots, and I can't even put into words how happy I am with them. I have not had a single blister, hot spot, etc. Two days ago I did a ten mile ruck march in the pouring down rain, and my feet were still perfect! I have already bought two more pairs of the same boots, and I will never wear another kind. Thank you again Altama, you have made me a customer for life!

SSG. Charpia, Carl R. JR
I am an instructor at the NCOA (WLC) at Fort Drum, NY. I am always on my feet teaching everyday, marching Soldiers to chow on an average of 6 miles a day, and going to the field every two weeks marching over 30 miles. I have always been in discomfort, and experienced pain in my feet for the last 11 years. Over the weekend I bought your Tan Desert 8" EXOSpeed Boots. I have bought so many different boots in hopes that my feet would get some relief. Today was my day. My feet have never felt so good. I would like to say thank you for making such a great boot. All my coworkers love the boot style and are planning to buy some also.

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