Introducing Freedom Fighter Exchange - the First Secure Online Auction Site Dedicated to First Responders

Freedom Fighter Exchange LLC is proud to announce the opening of its new online auction website:   

Freedom Fighter Exchange is the first secure online auction site dedicated to the First Responder Community.  Serving the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS communities; buyers and sellers will interact in confidence knowing that only personnel with verified credentials will be able to engage in commerce on the site.    

In today’s economy, the ability to purchase, sell or trade used gear will offer the First Responder Community another option to acquire the gear necessary to keep our communities safe.   Those looking to participate in the trade or sale of certain “sensitive” items will require additional verification steps.

Progress is underway to expand into both the Firearm and Automotive categories.

Freedom Fighter Exchange, LLC is owned and operated by Officer Justin Harris, a certified full-time Illinois law enforcement officer and his father Paul Harris a former full-time Illinois certified law enforcement officer.   In addition both Father and Son are former United States Marines.  For more information please contact Justin Harris at


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