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Deliberate Dynamics Unveils Universal Speed Tab

Submitted by Jim Staley

The Universal Speed Tab is a part designed by Deliberate Dynamics to provide increased weapon control using methods taught in today’s advanced shooting schools. With the input from Military Special Operations, Federal Swat Teams, and competition shooters, Deliberate Dynamics has created a streamlined accessory that allows shooters to positively index the handguard. This creates a solid stop to pull against, enabling shooters to drive the gun from target to target faster and with more precision.

In its primary application, the Universal Speed Tab is a mini-forward grip, for shooters who prefer a 3-gun style grip. The Universal Speed Tab can also be used on short-barreled rifles as a hand stop if flipped around and positioned at the end of the handguard.

The Universal Speed Tab is constructed of durable CNC 6061 Billet Aluminum with a flat black, mil spec hard anodized finish and comes with 2 different types of pre-cut grip tape for extra control. Like all of Deliberate Dynamics’ products, the Universal Speed Tab is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

About Deliberate Dynamics
Deliberate Dynamics is a manufacturer and reseller of law enforcement, military, and government contractor gear and equipment. We take a holistic approach to equipment and strive to offer gear that works well as a system while giving you the ability to be faster, lighter, and better at what you do. For more information, visit us online at DeliberateDynamics.com, email, or call at 702-672-8495.

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