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U. S. Armor Corporation Remains on the Cutting-edge of Armor Industry Technology

LOS ANGELES, CA - July 21st 2001 - In the ever-evolving Body Armor arena, U. S. Armor Corporation remains on the cutting-edge of armor industry technology with a wide array of Concealable and Tactical style choices in several ballistic package configurations, using many new combinations of Kevlar, and Spectra-based materials, all designed to maintain the dependable U. S. Armor standards of "Protection, Comfort, Quality and Value".

With development of the latest in Correctional Armor made to the new, more realistic NIJ Anti-Stab Standard that was introduced late last year, U. S. Armor maintains its long-standing commitment to developing and producing protective products with the valuable input that can only come from the the end-user . Vests are available in all three stab resistance "Protection Levels," and in Concealable, Lightweight Tactical and Prison Riot Vest styles, all of which have created highly enthusiastic customer responses. Corrections professionals have been particularly impressed by the new flexibility, light weight, and affordability of these new choices of items that were missing from the very sparse "Protection Continuum" previously available to combat the ever-increasing dangers of the Corrections environment.

Also of great interest from U. S. Armor is the new Breacher Blanket, developed for the rapidly growing use of safe, explosive entries by Tactical Teams into fortified narcotics houses and other criminal fortresses, and the uniquely designed Bomb Blanket that eliminates the need to use additional peripheral equipment accessories to effectively and safely detonate, contain or render-safe certain explosive devices.

The newest EOD safety product is the EOD Range Disposal Vest, specifically designed to combat the rise in accidental detonations of explosives when handled by EOD personnel, who are experiencing a dramatic increase in discovering unstable explosive devices made by unskilled, would-be domestic terrorists. It was also developed to address the recent rise in accidents related to the destruction of the large volume of illegal fireworks seized each year by law enforcement personnel.

Several EOD professionals have expressed very positive reactions to this item, citing their appreciation of finally having a product available that addresses the protection required for such activities by providing greater coverage than conventional ballistic vests, yet allows the Technician expanded comfort and freedom-of-movement levels that are not available when using a full Bomb Suit or a De-Mining vest, which some have described as "restrictive overkill" for the mission.

All of these specialty products have been developed with extensive research and input from world-renowned Breaching and EOD experts, each featuring significant improvements over previously existing protective products, while still maintaining the four essential requirements of all U. S. Armor Corporation products: "Protection, Comfort, Quality and Value."

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Media Contacts: Georg Olson - golsen@usarmor.com
U.S. Armor Corporation - 11843 East Smith Avenue - Santa Fe Springs, CA  90670
PH: 800.443.9798 - FX: 800.800.5490
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