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Hatch Introduces DayNite Reflective Gloves

CHEAP INSURANCE!- New DayNite™ Reflective Gloves from Hatch are a must when conducting vehicle stops or directing traffic to ensure you're seen by passing motorists.

The DayNite™ is a half-finger black Lycra® glove covered with patches of Reflexite®, a retroreflective microprism material with cube-corner prisms 3-times more efficient at reflecting light than glass bead systems. This allows the wearer to be seen by motorists at the critical viewing distances of 100 to 600 feet.

Hold the palm outward to reveal the red "STOP" signal and use the yellow-green markers on the outside of the hand to direct traffic onward.

The stretchable Lycra® fabric allows DayNite™ gloves to be worn alone or over other virtually any other gloves.

DayNite™ gloves are washable and are available in two sizes, sm/med and lg/xlg.

For more information, phone Hatch at 800-767-1343, request by e-mail at info@hatch-corp.com or log onto www.hatch-corp.com.

Erik Rockel
Marketing Coordinator

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