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Eleven 10 Launches the Kydex TTH (Tactical Tourniquet Holder) for the SOFT-T

Cleveland, Ohio – Eleven 10 has launched the latest in their line of innovative tourniquet holders and cases, the Kydex TTH (Tactical Tourniquet Holder). The TTH is the lightest tourniquet holder that they’ve produced weighing only 1.9 ounces. Excess plastic material is removed during production to reduce the weight of the holder. The Kydex material allows the tourniquet to be held securely in place, but releases easily with a swift pull. This eliminates the need for snaps or straps and gives the user a true one-handed removal of the tourniquet. The TTH is made entirely in the USA with American made materials.

The Kydex TTH is available for the SOFT-T with a MOLLE attachment in Coyote, Black and Olive Drab.





About Eleven 10
Eleven 10 is a manufacturer of high-quality law enforcement equipment that is proudly made in the USA. Their gear is produced to enhance the carrying of self-aid/buddy-aid equipment and ultimately save lives. For more information, contact Eleven 10 at info@1110gear.com or call 1-888-216-4049.

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