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Hiatt-Thompson Announces its New 5020 Multifunction Legcuffs Are Now Available

The #5020 Multifunction Legcuffs will not only will it fit a standard ankle but will expand to 20% larger than the standard legcuffs on the market today. They feature Hiatt's exclusive 3 drop bar, 18 teeth locking mechanism and 2 indentations on the body plates, which grab the shackle slot preventing it from being forced out of the legcuff.

Now available for shipment Worldwide, they are made in USA, and carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Hiatt-Thompson is a leading providing of safe, economical restraints. H-T offers a lifetime limited warranty on its transport restraining devices and a limited 5 years warranty on its legcuffs.

For purchase information, visit the Training Catalog Section of the Hiatt-Thompson website, email hiatt-thompson@attglobal.net or call 708-496-8585.

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