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Solutions To Job Related Discomfort - Lightweight Duty Gear From Bianchi

TEMECULA CA; JANUARY 2003 - Today's officers are carrying more weight on their duty belt then ever before, which has departments across the country looking into ways to reduce the number of officer complaints of job related discomfort. Bianchi International, in recognition of this issue, has developed an entire line of lightweight duty gear they call AccuMold® Elite™, which specifically addresses these concerns.

"Bianchi's AccuMold® products have gained a worldwide reputation for being lightweight, extremely comfortable and durable," says Natt Stevens, National Law Enforcement Sales Manager for Bianchi. Stevens continued, In the early days AccuMold® was only available in ballistic weave nylon which meant it was limited to departments that allowed web gear or would make an exception if the officer had a note from his or her physician. That all changed two years ago when Bianchi introduced their new AccuMold® Elite™ line, which has all the benefits of AccuMold® but now features a tough DuraSkinTM finish that looks just like leather. This new generation of lightweight gear has been so popular that Bianchi has expanded the line to include their ErgoTekTM ergonomic duty belts and their new lightweight SL3.2.1TM SpeedLokTM duty holster with Auto RetentionTM, (including its own built-in ergonomic pad on the belt loop.)

If your duty gear hurts and you're looking for a great alternative, try Bianchi's AccuMold® EliteTM. Call Bianchi at 1-800-477-8545 to ask about their Police Testing and Evaluation Program. Bianchi offers a wide range of holsters, accessories and belts offered in black: plain, basketweave and hi-gloss DuraskinTM finish. All reasonably priced; patent pending.

Established in 1958, Bianchi International is recognized worldwide as one of the largest, leading designers and manufacturers of leather and nylon holsters and accessories for law enforcement, sports enthusiasts and the military. For additional information, contact Bianchi International, P.O. Box 9015, Temecula, CA 92589-9015, call (800) 477-8545 or (909) 676-5621, or fax (800) 283-2936 or (909) 676-6777; or visit Bianchi International at www-bianchi-intl.com.

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