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Hiatt-Thompson Inc. Announces High Security Handcuffs

Bedford Park, Illinois - The NEW Hiatt High Security Handcuffs are triple-hinged with a conventional lock and a new seven-tumbler lock to enhance security. With many suspects aware of techniques of picking standard handcuff locks, the need for special high-security models has increased.

Another innovation, the Hiatt Speed-key training aid is a shortened handcuff key with a knob instead of a stem and a magnet to hold it to the handcuff. It fits all popular handcuff brands, adheres to the keyhole during training sessions, and is easy to remove after training. The Speed key eliminates the need to modify standard handcuffs for training purposes.

Available from: Hiatt-Thompson Corp. 6532 Lavergne, Avenue Bedford Park, IL 60638-5807

Charles Thompson - President

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