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U.S. Armor Corporation Announces Selection as Primary Armor Manufacturer of New "Baker Batshield™"

Please click on www.bakerbatshield.com to view some photos of the "Baker Batshield™", a ballistic protective solution for the dangers routinely faced by today's law enforcement professional. This shield was invented by Al Baker, a retired Lieutenant from the NYPD Emergency Service Unit. Lt. Al Baker is widely recognized as a visionary pioneer and expert in design and deployment of tactical protective equipment. The new "Baker Batshield™" will revolutionize and revitalize the use of one of the most effective tools in law enforcement, completely and forever changing shield handling and tactics during actual deployment.

The "Baker Batshield™" design brings together the positive elements of enhanced mobility, deployment speed, and personal protection with the first individually-held shield that combines the safety of NIJ Level IIIA ballistic capability while giving the operator the ability to keep both hands (normal grip) on a primary or secondary weapon. The shield is still easily supported while the operator clearly views the target using the weapons sighting and illumination systems. Amazingly, the compact version of the "Baker Batshield™" weighs less than 10 pounds!

Whether deployed for defense, a tactical assault, active shooter response, or easily flipped to the rear torso for a downed officer rescue, there has never been a more efficient or practical shield. The shield is hinged in the center to allow the self-articulating panels to automatically adjust the width of the "Baker Batshield™" to match the confines of a space-limited operating area, such as a narrow doorway, a confining hallway or an aircraft or bus. Once past the narrow area, the wings automatically expand to once again provide full ballistic protection. A traditional "bunker" is clumsy, heavy and noisy. The "Baker Batshield™" is agile, lightweight and quiet.

"Baker Batshield™" inventor and President, Al Baker states .... "U.S. Armor Corporation has become the most trusted name in armor. My decision to become partners in "Baker Batshield™" with Rick Armellino, brother of U.S. Armor Corporation founder and President Steve Armellino, further enhances the close relationship between our firms. The Armellinos each bring twenty-eight years experience designing and manufacturing various types of armor for law enforcement to this project. I have personally trained over 500 law enforcement agencies in tactical shield deployment and have over 22 years active experience as a proud member of the NYPD Emergency Service Unit. The levels of expertise found within both the U.S. Armor Corporation and "Baker Batshield™" organizations will soon be evident. Our exciting new product line will change the way American law enforcement and military personnel face armed adversaries. We are in the final stages of finalizing the design and tooling, and will have full scale production occurring during the first quarter of 2004. There has been a tremendous amount of design input from officers across the nation. We thank you for your help, and are pleased to provide a product that actually is a well designed solution to your needs."

Because of its unique nature and properties, Lt. Baker and his team of highly qualified instructors will soon be presenting training classes to law enforcement agencies on the effective use of the "Baker Batshield™" throughout the country.

The "Baker Batshield™", manufactured with pride by U.S. Armor Corporation … bringing Law Enforcement to a new level of efficiency, empowerment and safety, one Agency at a time.

Georg L. Olsen, General Manager
E-mail: georg@usarmor.com
www.U.S. Armor.com

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