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FOBUS USA Introduces Roto-Holster Polymer Holsters

Fobus USA has added two new Roto-Holster™ polymer concealment holsters to their lineup of professional concealment products. The new Belt Loop Holsters and Paddle Holsters feature the unique Fobus Roto rotating belt loop or paddle, widely used by various foreign military and police agencies.

The Roto-Holster™ paddle rotates a full 360-degrees, providing carrying versatility unmatched by older paddle designs. Hidden teeth lock the paddle solidly and securely in 40 different positions, including butt-forward, vertical, muzzle forward, small-of-back, cross-draw, and the horizontal-cross-draw position favored by many professional drivers and bodyguards.

The Roto paddle is rounded and pre-curved to readily conform to the user's hip. And it's thinner and more flexible than similar paddles for all day carrying comfort. The paddle offset is ideal for both concealment and speed, while a molded-in belt-shelf and two widely paced lugs keep the Roto-Holster firmly in place for a smooth draw.

The dual-slot Roto-Holster™ belt loop fits up to a 1 ?" belt and the RB214 attachment fits up to the 2 ?" dress belts favored by detectives and undercover operatives. It too adjusts a full 360-degrees, allowing the same 40 different carry positions as the Roto paddle holster. An extra paddle or belt loop is available separately to quickly convert either holster to the other style.

Dual Tab-Loks automatically snap into both sides of the trigger guard to increase weapon retention during strenuous physical activity. The guns audible clicks into place, but draws straight and clean from the Roto-Holster™. Hi-ride carry and a lowered front holster edge combine for quick CQB draws.

All Fobus holsters are injection molded of reinforced, military-grade polymers like those widely used in handgun frames and assault rifle stocks. There is no Kydex in any Fobus product, and each one carries the famous Fobus Lifetime Guarantee.

Fobus Roto-Holsters™ are IDPA-approved. They are available for popular pistols including all Glocks, most Colt, Kimber and Springfield 1911's, many Beretta 92 and 96 models, most S&W 5904/5906/5946 series, S&W J-Frame revolvers, Russian Makarov, most H&K models, SIG P220 and 226, and many others. All Roto-Holster models carry a suggested retail price of $27.99. Other Fobus holsters start at $19.99. Matching magazine cases are available.

For more information, contact Fobus USA:
1300 B-3 Industrial Highway, Dept. AH
Southampton, PA 18966

Phone (215) 355-2621
Website: www.fobusholster.com

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