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Fobus Announces the Magazine & Handcuff Combo

Fobus USA announces its new Magazine and Handcuff Combo Pouch to accommodate magazines used in Glock models 20/21 and 29/30.

The combination magazine and handcuff pouch weighs less than 2 oz. and is a welcomed addition to our line of on-duty/concealment accessories and designed for all 10mm and .45 cal double column magazines and will accommodate either chain or hinged handcuffs.

Available in paddle and belt attachment styles, as well as roto, the pouch eliminates the need for two separate belt carriers. Instant access to either the magazine or handcuffs is achieved due to the "proven retention system" that allows removal without disengagement of any devices. This system allows even the most strenuous physical activity with no compromise of retention. Lifetime Warranty.

For more information on the magazine and handcuff pouch or other Fobus products, please visit www.fobusholster.com.

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