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Product Review: The Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key versus 8 pairs of cuffs

Upon initial inspection, the TIHK had lived up to the first two parts of its name — Tiny and Inconspicuous — but how did it work as a Handcuff Key?

Most of the concealed cuff keys we encounter are hidden inside something else. Cuff keys in a coin, in the buckle of a paracord bracelet, in a silicon fashion bracelet, in zipper pulls, in a ring, in a stick-pen cap, in a tactical pen, in a boot lace aglet (the plastic tip of your bootlace), in a belt buckle, in a belt keeper; a spot most of us are familiar with, and a cuff key in a cuff link. 

A few weeks ago, articles began to appear about the latest innovation on concealed cuff keys called the Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key, and I was immediately curious. While some see these as a threat to our safety, I also see a hidden tool that will help to prevent one of the things that most cops dread — being locked in their own handcuffs. 

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