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Safe Restraints Wrap Used By Fremont Police Department

Park City, Utah - Safe Restraints, the Utah based maker of the Wrap, announced the sale of 55 Wraps to Fremont Police Department, Fremont, California. The company's website, www.saferestraints.com, contains information about the Wrap. Sergeant John Liu explained the need for the Wraps in his department:

"We have been using the Wraps for about ten years and have them deployed in all our police vehicles. We decided on full deployment to limit the time officers are wrestling with these violent suspects. We have never had an issue with an in-custody death or serious injury as a result of using the Wraps.

The Wrap has been an effective tool to restrain violently resisting arrestees. We have found that once the suspects are retrained they eventually calm down. By the time they have been transported to a detention facility, their need for resistance has been quelled.

We have completed switched from the older waist style Wraps to the harness style Wraps. The harness style not only further negates escape, but adds more restrictive control to the upper body. This has limited the ability of the suspect to injure himself/herself by banging their head against the confines of the police vehicle.

I would recommend that officers get proper training prior to using the Wraps. This training should be updated on a regular basis. We update our officers yearly so that the Wraps can be deployed in the most expeditious and efficient manner.

I do have the proposal, policy, and lesson plan for the Wrap. They are available upon request."

Sergeant John Liu
Fremont Police Department

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