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Hiatt USA Introduces New High Security Handcuffs

New Handcuffs Perform Best in Maximum Security Operations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— Hiatt USA, a leading manufacturer of handcuffs serving the law enforcement and military markets, announces today the addition of three new specialty hinged handcuffs to its product line to assist criminal justice professionals who require the highest level of security, protection and control. 

As one of the only rigid handcuffs available on the market, the new non-folding Model 2103 Rigid Handcuff provides a firm, comfortable grip for right- and left-handed public safety officials. It molds to the shape of your hand, offering superior control for unruly suspects in high security situations. 

Combining strength and convenience into one handcuff, the new Model UL-1 Ultimate Hinged Handcuff snaps rigid when drawn and folds after use for easy storage, allowing control with easy functionality. 

For maximum-security situations, the new Model HSS9 features 25 locking positions and employs a pick-resistant 7-pin tumbler double locking system that overrides the standard handcuff key hole when engaged.

Available in nickel plate finish, all three models retain Hiatt’s unique handcuff features:
• Three retaining bars of six teeth provide the ability to back-load so the cuff can be snapped back into place without having to release the offender’s hand. 
• True-Swing Technology which ensures the swing arm is balanced and centered so it consistently locks into the center of the shackle, minimizing the risk of injury to both the officer and the suspect.
• Boss rivets, which are larger on the outside than the inside, make it very difficult to defeat the lock.
• A leaf spring in the double locking mechanism provides increased safety and efficiency for law enforcement officers.

For more information on this and other quality products from Hiatt, please visit www.hiatts.com.

About Hiatt USA
Hiatt USA is the US arm of Hiatt & Company, Ltd., one of the leading manufacturers of handcuffs and other restraints.  Hiatt USA is part of the Armor Holdings Products Group, a business segment of Armor Holdings, Inc. For more information visit www.hiatts.com.
About Armor Holdings
Armor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AH) is a diversified manufacturer of branded products for the military, law enforcement and personnel safety markets.  Additional information about the Company can be found at www.armorholdings.com .

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