Book Review: When Terror Comes to Main Street

A Citizens Guide to Terror Awareness Preparedness and Prevention

By Joe Ruffini

Retired US Army Lt. Colonel Joseph A. Ruffini has succeeded in doing something I believe to be long overdue - explaining America's extended struggle with terrorism to the average American citizen, using language and references we can understand. Make no mistake, this book is neither political science, nor rocket science! Instead, it's a pure, undiluted look at the enemies of the American way of life, and as Ruffini reveals, sometimes the enemy is us.

When Terror Comes to Main Street is a 281-page text packed with common sense information that we can use to do our individual parts to protect the American way of life. Everyone who enjoys the tremendous freedoms and countless opportunities our citizenship ensures, should at the very least assist in acknowledgment and protection of such. Refreshingly, Ruffini doesn't let us off the hook as far as responsibilities go, he repeatedly belies the fact that no part is too small. Obviously, not everyone can be on the front lines, nor should they be. Yet, there are many things we can do to show patriotism and boost the morale of those defending our country with their lives.

Some Chapters include:

  • Understanding the Hatred
  • Know the Enemy & Think as He Does
  • Know Ourselves
  • Our Kids Can Be Terrorists Too
  • We are All Citizen Soldiers
  • Keeping the Wolves at Bay
  • Sustaining Our National Economic Power
  • Communities Taking Charge . . . and more!
When Terror Comes to Main Street is a practical guide, one that I believe every American should have in their library and refer to often - least we forget that as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth, we cannot shirk our responsibilities. We cannot put our head under the pillow and pretend it will all go away. As Ruffini makes clear, we must get involved and put a positive spin on things. After all, we are Americans!

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