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Command and Control Equipment Helps Law Enforcement Officials See the Big Picture

Since first introduced in 2005, DHS Systems LLC’s Deployable Command and Control Equipment, or DC2E, has provided incident commanders with the technology needed to see the big picture during any critical situation.

The DC2E is a total projection and audio video system that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a total portable communications solution by fusing multiple feeds of information on to single or multiple displays. It includes a completely diskless communications system that can be controlled via touch panel technology or a secure Internet connection, allowing the incident commander to rapidly change views from one screen to the next or look at all of the screens at the same time. The DC2E also enables sharing, viewing and annotating of information between multiple agencies, improving communication and collaboration.

Though able to be purchased alone, the DC2E can also be purchased in tandem with a Reeves Shelter System to form a complete command and control center that can deployed at the scene of an incident. From incident command posts to emergency operations centers, Reeves Shelter Systems can be set up within minutes and include shelter, lighting and temperature control features to allow for a complete command structure to mitigate response efforts during any disaster.

“It all depends on what the customer is looking for,” says Mark Wlazlak, business development representatives for DHS Systems. “We’re willing to be as flexible as possible to make things work.”

DHS Systems recently revealed several improvements to the DC2E to further assist law enforcement officials in establishing command control at the scene. The DC2E Large Screen Display, revealed last November, is engineered to accommodate users operating in large workstations.

Additionally, DC2E audio-visual systems, which are available in four sizes, are now able to operate on European voltages, can display labels for individual window processors using touch panel control, and have a faster start up time.

The company also plans to introduce a Large Screen Rear Display later this year. The display system will allow for even greater work space and improved image quality.

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