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Colt ICP Debuts at Connecticut SWAT Challenge

Each year, SWAT teams from across the northeast attend the Connecticut SWAT Challenge. The three day event, the third largest SWAT competition in the U.S., is designed to physically and mentally test officers from local, state and federal agencies throughout the region.

Thirty-seven SWAT teams competed in this year’s challenge, held on August 25-27. Participants, including the first-place winner, North Central ESU from Connecticut, took part in various events, including physical fitness, handgun shooting, sniper and tactical entry challenges.

Attendees were also given the chance to view the new Colt ICP by DHS Systems LLC and Colt Manufacturing Company LLC , which was on display throughout the competition.
The Colt ICP is a SWAT command vehicle that allows for the secure transport of weaponry and other tactical equipment. Once set up, the command post’s shelter can offer up to 214 square feet of work space to be used during an emergency situation.

Adaptable and transportable, the COLT ICP’s rugged design garnered attention from several teams during the Connecticut SWAT Challenge.

“Many SWAT teams were pleased with the COLT ICP’s ability to travel across rugged terrain,” says Reeves ICP Product Manager and former San Diego Police Department police officer Mark Tallo, who attended the event. “They also liked the ICP’s versatile design and that it offers plenty of space to store equipment.”

To learn more about the Colt ICP, contact Mark Tallo at mtallo@reevesems.com or at 845-825-6829.

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