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Survival Armor Celebrates New Headquarters With Guest Testimonials

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Massachusetts State Trooper Stephen Gregorczk and Lee County, Florida Deputy Richard Lisenbee addressed the assembled work force of Survival Armor Inc. in their new headquarters in Fort Myers, Fla. on May 17, 2012.

The Survival Armor team and invited guests listened as Trooper Gregorczk detailed the events that lead to his life being saved by Falcon6 level II armor. He described a gun fight that lasted only seconds and ended with the assailant wounded. During the short shootout Trooper Gregorczk took a 9 mm round on his vest over his heart from a distance of 3 feet. He thanked the Survival Armor team for developing and manufacturing a product which allowed him to call his wife from the hospital that night, instead of his commander having to make the call. He was back on the job in a matter of days wearing his new Falcon that was over-nighted from Survival Armor.

Deputy Lisenbee also addressed how armor can save lives other than from a gunshot. Deputy Lisenbee was in a vehicle collision which totaled the front of his vehicle and severely injured his passenger. While Deputy Lisenbee bent the entire bottom-half of his steering wheel up into the column, he sustained only a few bruised ribs instead of life-threatening injuries. The attending emergency physician credited the Deputy’s minor injuries to his L7 plate and Falcon6 II armor he was wearing at the time of the crash.

Production supervisor Sullen Tabor stated that Trooper Gregorczk provided inspiration to employees and reinforced the "Quality First" policy at Survival Armor.

Recently received news that a Mexican policeman was saved in a gunfight with Cartel members while wearing Survival Armor proved its reputation for dependability and wearabilty is truly international. This reputation, along with the company’s record of dependable deliveries and exceptional customer service, is what has allowed Survival Armor to move into their new state-of-the-art facility where those saved gave testimonials. The new facility contains a cutting-edge research and development laboratory.

About Survival Armor
Concealable and tactical body armor for law enforcement, military and federal governments. Survival Armor goes beyond the standard NIJ template for production of our armor. Our enhanced NIJ template is designed for more coverage in areas of concern by officers today. More covereage equals peace of mind for the wearer, which leads to more armor being worn, which translates to more officers surviving. For more information visit www.SurvivalArmor.com, 'like' the Facebook page and 'follow' on Twitter.

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