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Public Servants Defense Agency Offers LEOSA Coverage to Retired Law Enforcement

Retired Police Officers provided with comprehensive professional liability coverage solution

In July 2004, President George W. Bush signed H.R. 218, the “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA)” into law.  This regulation – also known as Public Law 108-277 – went into effect immediately. 

The regulation allows two classes of persons – active and retired law enforcement officers – to carry concealed firearms in any jurisdiction of the U.S.  LEOSA is particularly important for those individuals who have dedicated their entire working lives to the public’s protection.  Now that they have retired, these former law officers can legally use a firearm to defend themselves or their loved ones from harm.

Unfortunately, most traditional homeowner’s policies specifically exclude losses resulting from the use of such a weapon – regardless of the circumstances.  The individual would be personally liable for any legal costs resulting from its use.  This expense could be staggering – the average cost of mounting a defense in a civil action is more than $40,000.  Keep in mind that legal fees will be incurred even if a suit is found to be frivolous or groundless.  The consequences have the potential to be financially devastating – especially for retirees.

In order to address this need, Public Servants Defense Agency (PSDA) is offering insurance coverage for former law enforcement officers entitled to carry a firearm under the LEOSA legislation.  Consider some of the benefits of the LEOSA Self-Defense Plan:

In order to qualify for the LEOSA Self-Defense Plan, an applicant must have:

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