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Exposures That You Face as a Law Enforcement Officer

Many police officers may not currently believe that they need career protection. It is important to understand that your employer purchases insurance to protect themselves, not you.  Your union may offer a legal protection plan, but that is not insurance.  Most of the legal plans commonly offered, only provide reimbursement. PSDA’s insurance provides both defense and indemnity coverage.

Below are several real claims examples involved actual police officers.

    • In or around August 2010, the family of an individual shot to death by Detroit police officers in June 2008 was awarded a settlement of $2.5 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. According to the complaint, the individual was crossing the street, when the officer defendants, without warning, cut off his path, striking him with the police car they were driving. One of the defendant officers then exited the car, shouted at the individual and began shooting him without provocation, without probable cause and without lawful excuse. It was further alleged that the officer defendants placed a gun near the individual’s body in an effort to disguise the murder and that the officers' superiors, including a sergeant, lieutenant and Police Chief participated in the cover-up.

    • The NYPD has taken disciplinary action against seventeen police officers who made racist or offensive comments on Facebook about last year's West Indian Day Parade. Several officers referred to the parade detail as "ghetto training" and a "scheduled riot," and its participants as "animals," amongst other things.
    • A Boston police officer was fired in 2012 after the department found him guilty of using unreasonable force during a 2009 arrest and then lying about his actions. The charges stem from a traffic stop in which the officer was accused of tackling a 31-year-old Middlesex correction officer and putting him in a choke hold, which is prohibited under department regulations. The officer changed his account of the episode multiple times according to the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

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