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FNH USA Maintains Steady Pricing and Plentiful Supply of 5.7x28mm Ammunition Despite Demand

McLean, VA — A recent Associated Press story stated, because of the War on Terrorism and an increased demand for raw materials such as lead and copper, many police and sheriff’s departments are having difficulty finding an adequate supply of ammunition.

In fact, some departments have resorted to using paint balls for firing drills and reduced time on the range in order to conserve the ammunition they have; but that is not a scenario any range officer welcomes. “Using live rounds in police officer training is essential to feeling comfortable and competent with the use of firearms. It impacts safety in the field and the overall effectiveness of the officer in the community,” said Bucky Mills, director of sales and training at FN and former Prince George’s County, Md. police officer and instructor.

Rick DeMilt, senior vice president of sales and marketing for FNH USA, added, “At one time, it was difficult to find 5.7x28mm ammo. This is why we made a commitment to our law enforcement and sports shooting customers by finding a supplier on American soil (Fiocchi of America, Ozark, Mo.). Because of our relationship with Fiocchi, we are ready to fill orders of any size for the 5.7x28mm ammunition in both unrestricted and restricted formats.”

FNH USA offers the popular 5.7x28mm for use in the FN P90 tactical system, PS 90 semi-automatic carbine, and the Five seveN USG handgun. The ammunition is readily available, and FN has kept pricing steady in spite of increased demand.

For more information on the 5.7x28mm ammunition, please contact an authorized FNH USA dealer or locate a dealer at www.fnhusa.com


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