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Small Calibers, Big Game - Extreme Shock's proof is in the results

Dear Extreme Shock,
I want to relay my findings and results of the ammunition tests that were conducted at the Extreme Shock factory in Clintwood, VA.

The test results of the duty calibers (9mm, .40S&W, .45 ACP, & .45 GAP) were consistent with the multiple tests we conducted on our range. All calibers showed adequate penetration and significant expansion of the tungsten core. NO overpenetration was observed in balllistic gelatin, watermelon, water jugs, etc. This ammunition produces significant trauma without the problem of collateral damage. I feel these tests ratify our decision to adopt the Extreme Shock Ammunition as our department duty/carry ammo.

Jeff Mullins, the owner of Extreme Shock Ammunition, asked me if I would like to go on a Wild Boar hunt. I readliy agreed! He stated that they had previously taken a Wild Boar with a 9mm and .380 cal and would I try to take one with a 60 gr. 965 fps .32 ACP. I happened to have a KELTEC .23 that I use as a backup with me. I must say I was somewhat concerned that this small caliber would be effective, as I have shot wild boar before with much larger calibers and rifles and found them to be very tough animals.

The wild boar that we found turned out to be 450bls on the hoof... a very large animal. The first shot was app. 20 yards and the boar was quatered towards me. The round struck the boar in the breast (chest) and was staggered. The board turned an ran but it was obvious that it was seriously affected by the bullter as it was stumbling and the rear end would drag. After several yards we caught up with the boar and the second shot was from 10-11 yards and was braodside (left) shot behind the shoulder. The boar immediately collapsed and was totally incapacitated. Necropsy revealed that the first shot entered the chest cavity and traveled below the heart producing significant trauma to the chest cavity and heart area. This would have been a fatal round! The second shot went through the top of the heart and lungs, also causing significant trauma to the area. The second round also hit a rib and splintered it completely. The exit hole into the cavity was app. the size of a silver dollar.

I was amazed at the performance of this small caliber bullter! If this caliber of Extreme Shock ammunition can effectively incapacitate a 450lb Wild Boar then this caliber should be very effective for use as an off dty/backup. I recommend that this cilber be adopted and accepted for carry as an off duty/backup.

— Sgt. Frank Miller

About Extreme Shock:
Extreme Shock™ is the safest, most technologically advanced small arms ammunition produced in the world. Extreme Shock offers superior performance with enhanced safety features that greatly exceed that of lead core ammunition. The reduced over-penetration and reduced ricochet characteristics of Extreme Shock are nothing less than revolutionary. Call 877-337-6772 or visit www.extremeshockusa.net for more information, to order online, or to find a local dealer.

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