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Extreme Shock USA Releases the Improved CT2 Bullet

Extreme Shock USA is pleased to announce a breakthrough in engineering.  Constantly working to achieve maximum performance from their products, Extreme Shock is now able to release the improved CT2 (Copper Training/Tactical), thus expanding the CT2 further into the tactical realm. When it was first released, the CT2 was primarily designed to be a training round. In these monetarily depressed times, The Extreme Shock Team has taken the initiative to produce a more cost efficient self defense round.  By enhancing the core design, our engineers have been able to design the bullet to fragment as expansively as our tungsten core munitions. You now get the same results from the copper as you do with the tungsten core. The tungsten due to its heavy, dense core provides long range performance. But as most self defense shooting situations occur within 3 yards or closer to your assailant, the CT2 is ideal to a person who wishes to protect their life and the lives of their family members. The attached picture illustrates the massive fragmentation inside a ballistic gel block.  The CT2 is fully capable of stopping the threat instantly. It should be noted that the 45 ACP 150 grain CT2 was shot at a distance of only 3 yards with no exit.

About Extreme Shock
Extreme Shock™ is the safest, most technologically advanced small arms ammunition produced in the world. Extreme Shock offers superior performance with enhanced safety features that greatly exceed that of lead core ammunition. The reduced over-penetration and reduced ricochet characteristics of Extreme Shock are nothing less than revolutionary. For more information, call 877/337-6772 or visit www.extremeshockusa.net.

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