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Extreme Shock Introduces the New .223 Rifle Round

Extreme Shock is proud to announce the innovation of new .223 rifle round! This round embodies the reliability and safety of the handgun Air Freedom Rounds. Specifically designed for tactical entry teams in an urban environment, where it is crucial to contain the rounds within a limited space. The frangible characteristics of the new AFR make it a necessity when the situation requires a round with no ricochet, reduced over penetration, and will drop all the kinetic energy inside the target thereby reducing liabilities. This round is designed to fragment after passing through two ¾ inch sheetrock partitions, thus making your .223 rifle an ideal home-defense weapon.

About Extreme Shock
Extreme Shock™ is the safest, most technologically advanced small arms ammunition produced in the world. Extreme Shock offers superior performance with enhanced safety features that greatly exceed that of lead core ammunition. The reduced over-penetration and reduced ricochet characteristics of Extreme Shock are nothing less than revolutionary. For more information, call 877/337-6772 or visit www.extremeshockusa.net.

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