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2020 Black Hills Ammunition Lineup: .357 Magnum 127 Gr. HoneyBadger™ Velocity 1365 FPS Energy 526 Ft. Lbs. 5.56mm 77 Gr. MK 262 MOD 1-C, MIL-PACK Velocity 2750 FPS Energy 1293 Ft. Lbs. Black Hills Gold .308 Winchester 152 Gr. Dual Performance™ Velocity 2800 FPS Energy 2647 Ft. Lbs. New Rifle 5.56mm 62 Gr. Dual Performance™ Velocity 3000 FPS Energy 1239 Ft. Lbs. Black Hills Gold 6.5 Creedmoor 120 Gr. Hornady GMX® Velocity 2900 FPS Energy 2241 Ft. Lbs.

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