Want to beef up your Glock 43? 4 must-have add-ons

With a few additions, the Glock 43 is an amazing backup or pocket carry

Only slightly larger than the Glock 42 and chambered in 9mm, the single stack Glock 43 is a wonderful blend of concealability and performance.    

Many supporting companies are beginning to catch on to the popularity of the G42 and G43 and have started making some products that make an already excellent package even better.  With a few additions, the G43 is an amazing backup or pocket carry. Here are four add-ons to consider. Add your own thoughts in the comments section below

1. Carry Concealed IWB
With the right gear the Glock 43 can easily be concealed under a t-shirt with minimal to no printing.  Crossbreed Holsters is one of the few companies out in front of the curve and making products for this weapon.  A blend of premium leather and kydex, the company’s Supertuck Deluxe molds to the body and rounds out the profile of the weapon while providing a comfortable ride. The holster hooks to a belt and is adjustable for different depths of carry. The cant of the carry is also variable. This is an in the waist band (IWB) carry so it takes a little more room on the beltline. Adding the IWB mag carrier, I was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt while carrying completely concealed.

The single stack Glock 43 is a wonderful blend of concealability and performance. (Sean Curtis Image)
The single stack Glock 43 is a wonderful blend of concealability and performance. (Sean Curtis Image)

2. Swap the Sights
Darkness is always a consideration for bad encounters, so you may want to bump up the functional (slightly anemic) sights on the G43.  TRUGLO has an answer that beats that pants off of stock sights in day and nighttime settings. The TRUGLO TFX uses the tritium many have grown accustomed to for dark shooting, but also utilizes fiber optics to give bright sights in well-lit scenarios. The difference is stark. The sights go day-glow green in bright settings. The fiber optics pick up and amplify ambient light giving the sights a brightness that grabs the eye, making acquisition swift.

3. Light the Way
In the dark, sight alignment is great but target identification is critical. One tick closer to optimum is a weapon-mounted light.  Streamlight came roaring to the rescue with the TLR-6. This small yet powerful package consists of a halved polymer frame that mounts together to the trigger guard of the Glock 43 (or G42) and secures with two bolts. I’ve carried and used the TLR-1 for years and have always appreciated the quality. Despite this, it’s surprising how bright (100 lumens) the little light on the TLR-6 is. Pushing the ambidextrous button activates the light and laser at the same time. When shooting, my trigger finger is reserved for one thing only, so the left thumb worked great to light up my target.  The laser was dead on in the 3-12 yard range. The unit runs on two watch-sized batteries and has a run time of an hour (laser and light). 

(Sean Curtis Image)

4. Get a Grip
Finally, Strike Industries makes a lot of great products, but one in particular has maximum function for the Glock 43. Their Enhanced Floorplate cranks your total magazine capacity to eight rounds while increasing overall grip. It’s perfect for my hands, has a great deal of texture and does not reduce the concealability.  Ergonomics and added capacity is a win all around.

The Glock 43 is a purpose-built weapon, blending some of the best attributes of ballistic performance durability, reliability and concealability.  I ran with this idea and built a great defensive pistol package that literally “shines” at night. After months of testing, I’ve found this setup is comfortable, well-concealed, and performs admirably in dark and low-light settings.  I find myself wanting to replicate this treatment with all my pistols but that would be an expensive proposition indeed!

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