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Aimpoint Secures Additional Contract From U.S. Military

New Order For More Than 100,000 Red Dot Rifle Sights

Aimpoint Sights BERRYVILLE, Ark. - Aimpoint, a leading manufacturer and innovator in red dot sighting technology, has secured another contract with the U.S. Military to supply approximately 100,000 rifle sights, announced Michael Beltran, director of law enforcement/military sales. Currently, some 300,000 Aimpoint sights are already in use by U.S. Forces.

"We're honored that the most elite military force in the world chooses to use our products", said Beltran. "The CompM2 increases the effectiveness of the individual soldier. Our sights are the most reliable on the market-they've been soldier-tested and combat proven."

The new order is for Aimpoint's CompM2 model, designated by U.S. Forces as the M68. Aimpoint sights, also used by other military forces around the world, are known for their user friendliness, ruggedness and ability to function in all types of weather conditions.

Aimpoint's red dot technology allows for fast and accurate target acquisition in any type of light. The CompM2 operates for up to 10,000 hours-or over a year-on a single standard DL 1/3 battery.

For more information on Aimpoint, the CompM2 and other products, visit www.aimpoint.com.

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