Mesa Tactical Offers New Hydraulic Recoil Stock Kits

Mesa Tactical offers a solution for minimizing felt-recoil in tactical shotguns.

Most law enforcement agencies recognize, and agree, that the 12 gauge tactical pump shotgun is the most versatile firearm in their arsenal, and that Mesa Tactical is the leading manufacturer of those tactical shotgun accessories which are routinely used to convert those versatile guns into modern day weapons. However, one particular problem has traditionally been difficult to solve. That problem is usually referred to as felt-recoil, and until now, no one has come up with a truly professional solution to the problem.

The detrimental effect that felt-recoil has on tactical operators, especially operators of smaller stature, has brought increased attention to the problem, most notably because of modern training sessions, wherein shooters may fire as many as one hundred rounds within a short period of time. The advent of more powerful tactical loads, such as those three-inch magnum shells, loaded with one-ounce slugs, has further aggravated the situation. The negative effects of sustained exposure to heavy recoil, aside from the bruising and discomfort, are reduced accuracy, chronic flinching, and fatigue.

Many attempts have been made to significantly reduce the problem of felt-recoil in sporting shotguns, and even though those efforts provided some relief for sportsmen, who normally shoot only a minimal number of rounds on a typical hunting trip, those same solutions proved to be inadequate for tactical shotguns and failed to solve the problem of felt-recoil for the tactical operator.

It’s not surprising then that a practical solution to the problem would finally be developed by a company such as Enidine Incorporated, who for the last forty years has been designing and manufacturing effective energy absorption devices for military weapons, including everything from stationary guns to service rifles such as the M16. Enidine recently turned their attention to the tactical shotgun and after considerable research and development came up with a recoil-buffer which utilizes an advanced hydraulic technology to dampen and control a precisely tuned internal spring mechanism. The result is a device which reduces felt-recoil of tactical shotguns to an insignificant level.

Enidine Incorporated has selected Mesa Tactical to distribute this newly developed shotgun recoil-buffer to our customers as an optional upgraded version of our existing telescoping stock systems. The Enidine recoil-buffer is outwardly similar to the receiver extension used on the M16 receiver, which makes it a drop-in fit for Mesa Tactical’s own telescoping stock systems, and of course, no gunsmithing is required to assemble the system. Construction exceeds stringent military standards and the unit carries our own standard lifetime warranty. Problem solved!

Mesa Tactical is pleased to announce the availability of the new Recoil-Buffer included in optional versions of our highly acclaimed Telescoping Stock Systems, which we manufacture for the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590, and Winchester 1200/1300 tactical shotguns. For those Mesa Tactical customers who have already purchased a Mesa Tactical Telescoping Stock Kit, we are also offering the Enidine Recoil-Buffer with a mil spec M4 Telescoping buttstock only, which allows our customers to simply remove their existing receiver extension and buttstock from their adapter and replace it with the Recoil-Buffer M4 buttstock, and they’re back in business, and it’s goodbye to bruised shoulders.

Mesa Tactical is offering the Enidine Recoil-Buffer in several newly integrated versions of its High-tube, Low-tube and LEO Stock Kits, and as replacement stock for existing Mesa Tactical customers who previously purchased a Mesa Tactical Stock Kit.

How effective is the Recoil-Buffer?

The following performance graph shows the actual amount of felt-recoil that was measured directly at the butt plate of a Remington 870, firing maximum dram 2 ¾ shells, loaded with 1 oz. slugs. The dotted line shows that the shotgun’s normal felt-recoil, without the Enidine Recoil-Buffer installed, was well above 600 lbs., while the solid line shows that, with the Enidine Recoil Buffer installed, the felt-recoil measured at the butt plate dropped to less than 200 lbs. That’s more than a two-thirds reduction of felt-recoil.

Mesa Tactical is offering the Enidine Recoil-Buffer in several newly integrated versions of its High-tube, Low-tube and LEO Stock Kits, and as replacement stock for existing Mesa Tactical customers who previously purchased a Mesa Tactical Stock Kit.

For additional information and pricing contact Dan Disanto at 949-642-3337 or email or visit Mesa Tactical’s Website at

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