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Command Arms Accessories Announces the Pod Grip PGRIP & Pivot Pod Grip, PPGRIP

Ivyland, PA—Command Arms Accessories (CAA) the manufacturer of unique and innovative weapon accessories is proud to introduce two new Forward Grip and Bipod Combinations.
The Pod Grip, a molded grip and stable bipod combination, offers improved muzzle control and increased accuracy. Manufactured from high-density polymer, it has four finger grooves for a comfortable and secure grasp. The push button instantaneously releases the bipod legs allowing the operator to immediately move from the CQB position to the fighting prone position. Utilization of the bipod in the prone position has been proven to give the operator a noticeable increase in accuracy. The bipod feet are serrated for improved gripping. The rail mounting surface of the grip / bipod has two location lugs which lock into the Picatinny rail eliminating any front to rear movement on the Picatinny rail. Quick release and installation on rail is accomplished with a spring loaded rail clamp and thumbnut.
The Pivoting Pod Grip has all of the features of the Pod Grip plus the additional features of pivoting up to 60˚ off center in both directions (120˚total), for acquiring and maintaining the sight picture. The bipod legs recenter automatically once released from the ground for instant weapon repositioning. A unique joint in the grip base allows the operator to correctly position the rifle straight up and down even if the bipod legs are on an uneven surface.
The Pod Grip and Pivot Pod Grip are made of super tough polymer with a hard black anodized stainless steel mechanism for use in wet, humid, or salt-water conditions. Tough polymer legs are reinforced with 1.2mm steel insert heat treated to 48 Rockwell for extra strength. The grip weighs 9.4 oz with a 1¼” diameter. The height of both Grip / Bipods with legs retracted are 6 inches (measured from bipod feet to the point where it attaches to the rail). The height with legs extended is 8 inches (measured from bipod feet to the point where it attaches to the rail). The Picatinny rail contact length is 2.56”. The base width with legs extended is 5.625”. Available in black.
An optional ambidextrous pressure switch mount (PGS) is also available.
About Command Arms
CAA is the exclusive US distributor of the TDI and First Samco Inc. line of products and the manufacturer of new products. We are committed to providing unique and innovative products for the most demanding users designed by experienced weapons professionals. Products are designed with participation from elite military and law enforcement organizations around the world.

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