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Volquartsen’s New Forward Blow Compensator System Reduces Noise While Reducing Recoil

Carroll, IA—Conventional wisdom says that most compensated firearms – even those chambered in rimfire calibers – can produce a great deal of unwanted noise, because although they do reduce recoil, most compensators are designed to expel the gases (and, therefore, the noise) towards the shooter.

Volquartsen Custom’s new Forward Blow Stabilization Module was specifically designed to deliver the best of two worlds by reducing recoil and reducing the noise level. Volquartsen’s compensator is manufactured with sixteen (16) ports, all angled forward, rather than rearward. Not only do the forward-blow ports align exiting barrel gas so it surrounds and stabilizes the bullet for increased accuracy, but the unique location of the holes provides the shooter with less noise than is afforded by conventional comps or muzzle brakes.

The Volquartsen Forward Blow Stabilization Module is manufactured using the latest CNC technology for absolute precision and it is turned from a solid block of lightweight aluminum which ensures that the balance and feel of the rifle are essentially unaffected. The Forward Blow Stabilization Module fits .920” diameter bull barrels in all rimfire calibers. A fully comped heavy match barrel is also available, fully assembled so the line between the comp and the barrel are joined is virtually invisible.

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