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Forster Products Introduces Universal Bullet Puller For Co-Ax® Press And All Other Presses

(Lanark, IL) Every reloader is eventually confronted with the problem of having to pull bullets from loaded cases either to correct an error or to modify a load using a different bullet or powder. Pulling bullets isn’t always as easy as it sounds, particularly when the only available bullet puller won’t fit the press or when the diameter of the loaded bullet won’t fit the puller.

Forster Products To The Rescue!
Forster Products’ new Universal Bullet Puller fits not only Forster’s patented Co-Ax® Press for which it was originally designed, but it will fit virtually any standard reloading press with a 7/8” x 14” thread. It makes pulling bullets much easier, quicker and safer than using a hammer style puller. To ensure true universal function, the Universal Bullet Puller uses diameter-specific Bullet Puller Collets to hold the bullet, which are available in twenty-one (21) different sizes from .17 to .458. So, almost any caliber of bullet can be held securely by simply tightening the collet screw with a 9/16” wrench. Changing calibers is as simple as changing collets.

Each Universal Bullet Puller is supplied with a modified version of Forster Products’ exclusive Cross Bolt Locking Ring which locks the puller securely into the Co-Ax press. Caliber-specific Bullet Puller Collets can be ordered separately in one or more of the following calibers/bullet diameters:

Order Number / Pulls Caliber/Bullet Diameter
BP2017 / .17
BP2204 / .204
BP2224 / .224
BP2243 / .243
BP2257 / .257
BP2264 / .264
BP2277 / .277
BP2284 / .284
BP2308 / .308
BP2311 / .311
BP2323 / .323
BP2333 / .333
BP2338 / .338
BP2348 / .348
BP2357 / (9mm) .357
BP2358 / (38/357) .358
BP2375 / .375
BP2410 / (40 S&W) .410
BP2432 / (44 Mag) .429 - .432
BP2452 / (45 ACP) .452
BP2458 / .458

For more information, contact:
Forster Products
310 E. Lanark Avenue
Lanark, Illinois 61046-9704
Phone: (815) 493-6360 Fax: (815) 493-2371
Or, refer to the Forster Products website at www.forsterproducts.com

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