White Sound Defense Releases Specialty Lubricant For Magazine Reliability Enhancement

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Stewartstown, Pennsylvania - Mag Chalk is a specialty lubricant designed to improve the reliability of firearms by reducing magazine related failures. The product is specifically intended for extremely harsh environments including both desert and arctic.

Mag Chalk derives its name from its appearance. It is applied wet and dries to a chalky film that 'sheds' as it comes into contact with particles of grit. This purpose-formulated lubricant does not hold grit, is waterproof, and will not contribute to corrosion like graphite or molybdenum disulfide (moly). It is suitable for use in all temperature ranges down to -40C. It is compatible with all types of magazines including tube, box, drum, etc., regardless of material.

White Sound Defense a producer of firearm components and accessories intended for the military and tactical markets. For more technical information or retail distributors see the company website: www.WhiteSoundDefense.com.

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