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Read What Our Users & Operators Have to Say About the L3 EOTech Holographic Weapons Systems

"This sight system performed even better that I expected. I was able to get target acquisition readily on every target I chose to. The sight picture was always clear. I had no trouble with glare or backlight."
- Gary W. Rasmussen
Chief of Police, Dexter PD, IA

"I zeroed with, and then utilized the sight today....Wow! I really like it. This sight allows for a true ‘two eyes open’ sight picture."
- Officer Allan Garcia
Middletown PD, RI Special Ops Unit

"The sight is by far the best I have ever used. That is including my time spent in Marine Recon and Special Operations Units."
- Lt. Ron Gana
Arkansas Dept. of Correction

"The sight was very fast in CQB situations. I have never used another sight that was faster or easier to use."
- Kevin Marshall
Deputy Sheriff, San Juan County, NM

"We found it easy to advance at a threat and shoot with both eyes open. It was as though you did not really have to aim, even though you were. For an overall performance score, we would give it an A. This type of system could greatly enhance the marginal shooter's ability."
- Sgt. Greg Schuman
Boulder County Sheriff's Office

"Thank you for a damn good sight! I never go anywhere without my AR in the trunk of a patrol car, and my AR will always have an EOTech mounted in top."

"My rifle spent nearly 48 hours submerged in 35ft of salt water. Immediately after it was retrieved it was rinsed with fresh water and shook off. My EOTech sight worked as if it had never been underwater."

"EOTech is superior from other red dots because of its accuracy and its metal shield. Thanks EOTech."

"Your sighting system allows for faster target acquisition and more precise shots."

"I carried the model 552 this time in Iraq and mounted it on my M16-A4 and in 7 months it was on my rifle I never had to re-adjust the sight."

We call the HWS...the 'heat'
- Special Forces Operator
Ft. Lewis, WA

"My day to day use of my EOTech in Iraq was pretty brutal. It suffered through sand storms, extreme heat and tons of abuse from me. I can say that I never did any maintenance either than changing batteries and cleaning the window."

"I have literally banged, dropped, slammed and scratched the sight to the point that the finish is coming off and there are gouges in the casing. The sight has been on my weapon since February 2003 and it has maintained zero ever since. It has weathered multiple sand, dust and mud storms...and it still operates flawlessly."

"Our accuracy and speed were increased on multiple targets and firing while moving, again increasing operator confidence."

"Let me tell you, that sight is awesome...there have been a few bad guys on the opposite end of that sight, and because of your superior craftsmanship, I am writing you this letter a grateful man."

"The bottom line is we were so impressed with the low light shooting capability, fast target acquisition and the ability for the holo to be both an excellent perimeter optic and an entry optic that we are purchasing three immediately for our Entry weapons."

"I found the reticle did not ‘wash out’ in bright light like others that we tested did."

"I have found that your sights effectively make both close combat shots and distance shots right on the money even after getting banging to heck out on missions."

"I would highly recommend this sight to any tactical team as it would only make their job easier and safer."

"Overall, I found the Holosight to be an excellent sighting system and would highly recommend it to law enforcement officers desiring to improve their competency with shouldered fired weapons."

"I will not purchase anything but your product. My patrol car was struck on a traffic stop, crushing the rear of my patrol car. I believe that if it can take the abuse of an impact so severe and be exposed to the outdoors for days, it can take almost anything."

"Your sight allowed for fire and movement with both eyes open."

"After the initial battlefield zero at 25 yds, the sight was used at ranges from 7-100 yds. The accuracy compared to iron open sights was excellent."

"During an ambush my M4 rifle took two direct hits. I looked through the EOTech sight on top of the damaged rifle the Eotech functioned without fault."

"Shooting with both eyes open is an extremely important skill for law enforcement and the Holosight aids the officer in achieving that goal."

"As for the sights, well... the best way to put it is... they are like cheating. Really, those things are the best tool that I have. It is so fast and easy to acquire that it's idiot proof. You don't lose the reticle in the bright light (the Aimpoints are terrible for that) and the dot is super easy to acquire. "
- Spec Ops Operator

"Your sight allowed to again and again acquire targets, keep both eyes open, observing both my team members and then enemy."

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