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SIG SAUER Academy Tactical Times November 2011

Training Newsletter for Armed Professionals and Responsible Citizens

Registrations must be made with the Training Coordinator at 603-418-8181 to receive the advertised discount. Discount applies to courses and start dates listed below.

Bullets and Vehicles
Regularly $295.00, special $236.00
November 5, 2011 -  Epping, NH
Destroying cars has never been so exciting! SIG SAUER Academy's Bullets and Vehicles course teaches everything you need to know about using vehicles in a defensive situation. Learn first-hand how to, and more importantly how not to, use a vehicle for cover. Shoot from inside a moving vehicle, through the vehicle, through the windshield, and under the vehicle during this course. If vehicles and firearms are a part of your everyday life, then this course is a must! Sixty percent of deadly force encounters in the U.S. occur in low light environments.

Low Light Pistol Operator
Regularly $395.00, special $316.00
November 22- 23, 2011 - Epping, NH
This low light operators course is a blend of techniques and tactics used to prevail in short time duration, close proximity, low light encounters. The course begins with learning about the human eye and how it works in low light and progresses into choosing and using the proper equipment. Once the equipment needs are addressed, the student is taught the fundamentals of safely and effectively employing them to search, navigate, locate, identify and engage potential threats in a low light environment.

Shotgun Instructor
Regularly $695.00, special $556.00

November 14-16 - Epping, NH

This course is directed towards current and future firearms instructors specifically interested in the law enforcement shotgun. Topics included are shotgun type, nomenclature, function and operation, shotgun shooting tactics and techniques, ammunition selection and emergency transition to a sidearm. Successful completion of this course results in a three year certification in the use and instruction of the combat shotgun in law enforcement environments.


Basic Pratical Handgun Skills
Cost $195.00

November 26 - Range 82 Midland, VA
Once you have attended Handgun Orientation (Handgun 101) and know how to safely handle your pistol or revolver, it's time to learn how to shoot it. Utilizing the SIG Principles of Handgun Training, we take you through the efficient use of a handgun. Working from the holster, performing reloads, clearing stoppages, and correctly manipulating a trigger to maximize accuracy are all thoroughly taught in a relaxed hands-on environment. Whether learning for self-defense, sport or competition, or if you just need a quick "tune-up", this 1 day course is for you.

New - Bullets and Bandages
Will you know how to react after gunfire? In critical injury situations, most don't know what they don't know until it's too late. This 3-day course focuses on basic, lifesaving emergency medical skills blended with weapons manipulation in live-fire, high risk scenarios. Students are expected to utilize their equipment and knowledge while under stress to "save" critically injured team members in real-life scenarios. This course is suitable for armed professionals and responsible citizens.
January 30 - February 1 Epping, NH
Cost: $500

Upcoming Guest Instructor Courses
Preparation for Social Collapse with Todd Rassa
It is common that when watching the news today, we see.... a marked increase in strife, mass chaos, destruction and violence throughout the world. Whether it is riots, natural disasters or terrorist attacks, mass acts of violence and wide spread destruction seem to be increasing. Man-made or of "natural origin", concern should be the result for the observer and his/her family.  Instead of ignoring these disturbing trends, being paralyzed by fear and sticking your head in the sand - participate in this course and learn what will help you survive if Society should Collapse!

Personal Protection Workshop with Steve Tarani
Greater than ninety-eight percent of all personal protection issues can be mitigated and in most cases completely resolved proactively by utilizing real-world professional protection skills. Most threat engagements can be easily handled long before they escalate to a physical altercation. This one-day indoor workshop provides the unique opportunity to gain these critical skills.

A brief lapse of attention can alter the course of your life or someone else's life in an instant. That's why it's imperative that we carry a first-aid kit anytime we are out on the shooting range.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to set yourself up for success.
1) Obtain the training necessary to successfully deploy and utilize the med kit on both yourself and someone else. Know your kit and how to use it before you NEED to!
2) Get a med kit that is simple to use in a stressful situation, yet yields maximum benefit. It needs to be lightweight, compact, durable and easily accessed.
3) Keep a tourniquet (preferably two) readily available and ensure that you and your shooting partners know how to use them.
4) Practice, practice, practice! Deploy the tourniquet with both dominant and non-dominant hands and apply it to yourself and others. Want to learn more? Contact us and get the information on our "Bullets and Bandages" course.

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