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Counterfeit Alert: L-3 EOTech Holographic Sights

L-3 EOTech has become aware of several counterfeit offerings of the HWS and magnifier product line. Produced in China and Korea, and distributed throughout the US, these counterfeit products are red-dot sights built to look exactly like a Holographic Weapon Sight on the outside. Often, the appearance between the genuine EOTech products and the counterfeits is nearly indiscernible, including replications of registered trademarks.

These counterfeit items are often marketed towards recreational Air-soft use and WILL NOT:

• Withstand recoil or shock consistent with small to medium weaponry
• Consistently hold or maintain battle zero
• Withstand drop tests or excessive shock
• Offer any waterproof protection
• Offer the advantages provided by true holographic technology
• Offer dependable, reliable performance for any military, LE or competitive real weapon application

To assist in identifying a counterfeit product, you should look for the following:

• Uncommon batteries. The Counterfeit products often, but not always require several small hearing aid style batteries
• A product that offers interchangeable Red and Green reticle colors
• Highly reflective optics
• Visible LED light position inside the sight cavity
• The NV push button switches the LED to a different color instead of to a night vision mode
• Lack of EOTech manufacturing and serial number sticker

L3 EOTech trademarks, patents, and many of the product designs are protected by registration. L3 EOTech is dedicated to protecting the company, products and customers and will use all available and appropriate legal means, against any other persons found to be dealing in counterfeits of our goods.

Download a .PDF describing the counterfeit sights in detail.

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