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Aimpoint's System-of-Systems

Company’s Modular Combat Optics Accessory platform allows for mission-specific configuration

Aimpoint has distinguished itself as a supplier of sophisticated sighting systems, offering end users not just stand-alone products but rather a complete, modular “System-of-Systems” optical solution. The primary focus for Aimpoint has always been the electronic reflex collimator (red dot) sight, which is the core of the System-of-Systems approach. Aimpoint now offers a choice of modular accessories that can be used in combination with our reflex sights to enhance an operator´s capabilities.

Aimpoint TwistMount
Aimpoint’s versatile TwistMount allows accessories such as the Aimpoint 3XMag (magnification module), the Aimpoint CEU (Concealed Engagement Unit), and Night Vision Devices to be rapidly fixed behind Aimpoint sights. The advanced design of the TwistMount allows for accessories to be changed quickly and silently by the user without any visual input – even in total darkness. Most importantly, since the accessories are placed behind the red dot sight, they do not affect the sight’s point of aim or the weapon’s point of impact. Therefore, you can switch from CQB to extended range engagement, or off-axis aiming to night operations with no need to re-zero your optic. Accessories can also be easily passed from one team member to another as long as both weapons are outfitted with a TwistMount base. This low-profile base fits any MIL-STD1913 Picatinny rail (see lower photo). Aimpoint’s modular System-of-Systems approach enables operators to modify their equipment for each specific mission, and to rapidly adapt to changing conditions in the field.

Aimpoint 3XMag
The Aimpoint 3XMag (magnification module) gives the operator extended range marksman capabilities with just a twist of the wrist. The module is easily fixed behind any Aimpoint sight, and can be rapidly removed to return to CQB. The module can also be removed from the weapon and used as a handheld monocular – allowing target observation or identification without the need to point a weapon toward non-combatants.

Aimpoint CEU
The Aimpoint CEU (Concealed Engagement Unit) gives an operator the ability to use an ordinary carbine to observe or engage targets from behind cover as well as around corners or over barricades without exposing
themselves to hostile fire. The CEU is quickly and easily fixed behind the Aimpoint sight using the TwistMount, and can be stripped directly from the CEU ring to return to CQB mode in an emergency. The CEU unit rotates a full 270 degree in its mounting ring, allowing use by left or right handed shooters, and features a lanyard ring to prevent loss.

For more information on Aimpoint and Aimpoint products, visit our webpage at www.aimpoint.com.

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