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ARES Defense Releases SHRIKE 5.56 Advanced Weapons System

Proven, mission-configurable SHRIKE design offers unrivaled functionality with dual-feed capability
MELBOURNE, Fla.ARES Defense Systems, the country’s leading manufacturer of innovative, mission-configurable firearms and accessories, has released the SHRIKE 5.56 Advanced Weapons System.  The innovative SHRIKE 5.56 upper receiver is designed to fit any MIL-SPEC quality AR-15/M16/M4-type lower receiver and features a dual-feed system, allowing users to configure the SHRIKE 5.56 from magazine to belt fed in seconds without modification to the lower receiver.  Created for the tactical professional and the modern sportsman, the SHRIKE 5.56 offers unrivaled functionality and compatibility to meet the needs of any mission.
Durable, lightweight and user-friendly, the military-grade SHRIKE 5.56 provides tactical professionals and sportsmen alike with the firepower of a U.S. M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) at nearly half the weight of the current SAW.  The dual-feed design of the SHRIKE 5.56 accepts standard 30-round M16 magazines and M27-linked SAW ammunition in 5.56 x 45mm NATO (.223 REM), and fires at a rate of 625 to 800 rounds-per-minute.  Furthering its usability, the SHRIKE 5.56 features a quick-change barrel that allows the user to swap barrels in less than three seconds, and the self-regulating gas-piston system is cleaner and more reliable than the legacy direct-gas system.
“We have spent countless hours refining and perfecting the SHRIKE design, ultimately leading to the unique offering available today,” said Geoffrey Herring, President of ARES Defense Systems, Inc.  “Our research and development team is confident that the mission-configurable SHRIKE 5.56 delivers on our promise of an innovative weapons system that will exceed the performance standards required by users in the field.”
The SHRIKE has been designed to be multi-functional by making it compatible with a variety of rifle and ammunition feeds without requiring any modification to the user’s lower receiver.  The design even allows users to perform most operations without having to remove their hand from the pistol grip, and features a co-planar hand guard and MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rails on the top cover for mounting optics and accessories.   
The SHRIKE 5.56 also delivers strength, reliability and longer weapon life with its quality, American-made materials and precision construction on CNC machinery.  The high tensile strength alloy used to construct the SHRIKE 5.56 features an anodized, non-reflective hardcoat black finish that resists wear and corrosion and enhances durability, providing an advanced weapons system built to last for years.  
For more information about the SHRIKE 5.56, please call 321.242.8410 or visit www.aresdefense.com.  Follow ARES Defense on Facebook and on Twitter.
About ARES Defense
Since its founding in 1997, ARES Defense Systems has focused on developing military small-arms and small-arm accessories of unique versatility and exceptional quality for military, law enforcement and commercial customers.  Engineered and produced of the highest quality American-made materials by a highly skilled workforce, all ARES products are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers in an ultra-modern production facility headquartered on the USA’s Space Coast.  ARES’ intense dedication to mission-critical innovation has resulted in numerous patented advancements for lighter and stronger weapons and accessories.  For more information about ARES Defense, visit www.aresdefense.com.

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