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OfficerStore.com is proud to join forces with LaserMax and provide valuable tools for less than you could imagine

COATESVILLE, Pa. – OfficerStore.com and LaserMax have joined forces to deliver rugged and reliable laser sighting systems to fit any law enforcement or military need. The latest additions include laser sights for the Gen4 GLOCK 17 and 22, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield as well as the Ruger LCP and LC9.

The latest edition of the CenterFire Laser Series, designed especially for use with the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistols, is now available. By working closely with the engineers at Smith & Wesson the sight has been designed to look as though it was fully integrated with the weapon. This sight was created to integrate with the tactical design that matches the style and contours of the gun. The Shield laser mounts directly to the frame without changing out parts or altering your weapon.

The constant red laser beam sits just under the bore for the highest accuracy and prevents your finger from blocking the beam. Patented, ambidextrous activation for right or left-handed shooters with a distinct on-off switch lets the user decide when they need it. Maximize the ability to control potentially dangerous situations with your conceal carry Shield equipped with the CenterFire from LaserMax.

The Gen4 GLOCK (pictured) compatible Guide Rod Laser sight is available from OfficerStore.com to satisfy high customer demand. This first LaserMax sight was designed specifically to fit the Gen4 GLOCK model 17 and 22. Rugged and durable, the only internal laser for the Gen4 GLOCK will give you that extra advantage in any situation.

This new laser conforms to the same stringent LaserMax quality specifications. The Guide Rod Laser, available only from LaserMax, has been proven in over 20 years of street and combat experience by SWAT, Special Forces, federal agencies, presidential security services, and other armed professionals.

LaserMax CenterFire laser designed specifically for the Ruger LCP and LC9 now online at OfficerStore.com. The ideal, small, lightweight laser for a carry concealed Ruger LCP and LC9.

This CenterFire laser can be easily installed by mounting to the frame without changing out parts or altering the exterior of the gun. This red laser sight mounts just under the bore for highest accuracy and prevents the user from blocking the beam. It is adjustable for windage and elevation. The laser is powered by a Lithium battery that provides over four hours of continuous runtime.

Three critical features LaserMax Laser Sights deliver include increased visibility, beam control, and firearm safety.

Scientific studies of the human visual system have confirmed that the human eye detects pulsating objects more quickly than constant objects. The LaserMax beam pulsates for increased visibility by both the shooter and the targeted. Even in peripheral vision, you will always know where your muzzle is pointed. The benefits are well worth the extra expense put into making them pulsate.

LaserMax features a distinct on-off switch that can be easily activated by both right-handed and left-handed shooters. There is no need to alter your grip and compromise your shooting accuracy to activate the beam. In addition, your position will not be revealed while un-holstering.

Firearms safety instructors agree that the index finger should be positioned along the side of the frame of the firearm during aiming until the decision has been made to shoot. Failure to do so can result in an accidental discharge as a result of startle response, balance disturbance, or sympathetic reflex. With the LaserMax, the activation switch is exactly where your index finger should be for safe operation and your index finger will not interfere with the laser beam.

About OfficerStore.com and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.
OfficerStore.com, a division of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc., offers product lines from more than 400 manufacturers. Witmer Public Safety Group's motto is Equipping Heroes™ and this continues as they extend their commitment to provide the industry's best equipment and supplies to the professional men and women who serve to ensure the public's safety. For additional information, please call (800) 852-6088 or visit OfficerStore.com.

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